Our Programmes

Our foundation supports various outreach and support programmes in the areas of Education, Health and Welfare.


We award scholarships to the brightest students from Ogun West Senatorial District. The students are carefully screened and selected by our Educational committee members based on the eligibility criteria.

Additionally, we provide basic adult literacy programs for individuals outside the traditional school setting. These programmes focus on technical vocational and entrepreneurial education, as it provides the premise for job creation and skills development.


The health care arm of our foundation focuses on providing access to basic health care needs in the community. We organise regular outreach and awareness programs on common health ailments such as diabetes and hypertension.

For the children, we administer support with regular mental and physical checkups to ensure they are in the best shape to succeed.

Finally, we also introduce educational support around healthy lifestyle changes to all the communities we engage.


Our welfare programmes are centred around social and financial empowerment of our constituents.

In the area of social empowerment, we provide tools that can assist our constituents to earn a living. Our financial empowerment programmes focus on educating our constituents on great spending and money management habits.

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